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We Generate

Qualified, Exclusive Leads

Who Are Excited About Your Services!

Qualified: A customer calling directly (or requesting a callback) in your area and interested in the service you provide.

Exclusive: The leads we generate for your business are only sent to one service provider: You!

Customer Acquisition Has Never Been Easier

Targeted Local Ads

We set up custom sites and landing pages for your business to market your services. We then run advertisements in your service area across all major search and social platforms, local directories, newspapers and anywhere else your customers spend their time. You only pay when leads call you directly or fill out a web form requesting a service call back.

Direct Call Routing

When customers call the tracking number we associate with your business and offer, we route that call-including Caller ID-directly to your phone. You get the lead and can view the caller ID info immediately. You may also listen to the call recording at any time through your own business portal. 

You Have

Complete Control

Through your business dashboard, you have complete control of your customer acquisition. You determine how many calls per week you would like to receive, set the hours you want to receive calls, and pause your campaign at any time. You also have access to a robust reporting dashboard and can receive weekly and monthly reports of each lead we generate.

Immediate Call Back on Web Form Submission

Part of the unique customer acquisition site we create for your business is the option to fill out a web form requesting a call back about your services. When we receive this form, you receive a text and email notification. We can also call you to transcribe the name, number and service(s) requested. You then press 2 to call that lead back immediately!

Leads Guarantee

We have several automatic quality control measures in place to ensure your account is only charged for qualified, exclusive leads from potential customers in your pre-defined area who are interested in the services you provide. Should you feel a lead you received does not meet these requirements, you can flag it for review through your business portal. We will listen to the call and credit a replacement lead to your account if the lead we sent does not meet the criteria you set!

Ready for more customers?

During this 20 minute discovery call, we will discuss your customer acquisition process and determine if we can work together to bring you more business. There is no obligation to buy leads from us, as we only want to help businesses who will see a tremendous return on investment from our exclusive inbound calls and leads.

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