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How Pinterest Can Help Your Business

Why Use Pinterest for Your Business?

Despite taking a backseat to social platforms like Facebook, Pinterest is still alive and well with over 200 million active monthly users. Pinterest has a unique community of users who are very engaged and constantly sharing inspiring ideas with each other. Very often users find themselves searching on Pinterest for ideas on new products and brands to try. I’ve found myself many times searching on Pinterest for gift ideas, restaurants, attractions, apparel, new products, and more. In fact, 93% of users say they use it to help them plan a purchase. Remarkably, half of users say they have made a purchase after viewing a Promoted Pin on their feed. This untapped platform could prove to be a huge asset to your business if you take advantage of the opportunity.

There are a few important things to remember when using Pinterest for your business:

  • Create a Business account, not a personal account (you have the option to link you business and personal account if you choose to). Once you’ve set up your business account, fill in all profile details in a way that makes your company look unique and appealing. *Remember to add and confirm your website- confirming your website has many benefits including, boosting your Pin’s rankings in search results.

  • Give your Boards names and descriptions that clearly describe what you will be pinning to them, and try to use keywords so your Pins will rank higher in searches. Create several topics that are both relevant and interesting to your industry that will encourage Pinners to keep scrolling through your boards.

  • Always link your pins back to your website. The best way to set your company apart and build a strong connection with your followers on Pinterest is to have striking pins with clear descriptions that link to your website.

  • Save Pins from other Pinners related to your industry. Remember that you want to be the go-to page for information to keep your followers coming back for more. This can also be a great way to gain new followers.

  • If you are an online retailer use “Product Pins” to make shopping easier for your Pinterest customers. It will include details about availability, pricing, and where they can buy your product.

  • Pin everyday so your followers see new content from you on their feed and stay engaged. You can also create a group board and invite your followers to post and share pins to your collective board- this will help grow your audience.

Pinterest can be a great tool for your business marketing strategy if you focus on building a community around your brand. If you want more tips on Pinterest or marketing strategies follow us on Pinterest or contact us

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