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How Videos Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Have you ever thought about using video content on your social media platforms to express what makes your brand unique? You should.. Here’s why:

Recent studies have shown that video is currently the best performing digital content type across all platforms. People are more likely to stop scrolling to watch a video, and businesses that use video content have noticed they receive more engagement. 1200% more shares are generated by videos than both text and images (SmallBizTrends). Video is more likely to catch viewers attention: Viewers are 95% more likely to remember a call to action after watching a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text format (Forbes). Demand for video content is increases and 54% of consumers say they want to see more video content from a brand or business they support (HubSpot). It is also helpful for gaining leads: Video marketers get 66% (Optinmonster) more qualified leads per year. In fact, including a video in a post increases organic traffic from search results by 157%.

Not sure why type of video to produce? Live videos are becoming the norm, and a great way to utilize that is hosting Q&A videos to give your clients a chance to ask questions about your products or services. The best live video ideas are those that will gain the most interaction. You could conduct an interview, display products, show behind the scenes, host events, and any other unique idea you can think of. You could also produce YouTube ads..YouTube is now the second largest search engine. It receives more than 1.5 billion users each month, and 5 billion videos are watched per day. More people spend time on YouTube than they do watching TVs, making this a great source for gaining more attention from potential customers. Another way to stand out is to film your videos in the 1:1 format (or square), this can help optimize your video for social media platforms that won’t inconvenience your viewers scrolling. As long as your video is captivating you can keep it short and simple, shorter videos typically perform better. The best part about utilizing videos in your marketing strategy is that they will benefit you everywhere! They advance your engagement on social media platforms, websites, landing pages, even through email they more than double your click-through rates.

Ready to make your brand come alive? We can help!

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